The Women Of Prada

Walking down Bloor Street today, I passed Prada and one of their lovely "women" caught my eye.  As you may know from previous posts, I am totally intrigued with the mannequins that Prada uses in both their windows and stores.

Stores like Prada do not allow people to take pictures within their shop but I explained to the manager that I was a big fan of Prada's mannequins and I wanted so much to have a Toronto "Pradista" represented in my collection of pictures for my blog.  I was thrilled when he gave me 
the okay to snap this photo.
Here's the Prada lady in the shop window along Toronto's Bloor Street.  The mannequin's style is so soft and subtle and enhances the beauty of the clothing.
This Prada "woman" is from the Prada's store along 
Rue Montague in Paris.  The picture was taken at night 
as I walked along this high end fashion street 
in the 8th arrondissement. 
 It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and 
the windows of all the shops were spectacular.
Another Prada window from the same 
Rue Montague shop.
The makeup on this mannequin is wonderful.  I love the deep red lips.  This is my favorite one of all time ... 
she looks so realistic.
This Prada window is in the 6th arrondissement of Paris just off St Germain des Prés.  It's a smaller shop and I love it's location on the Left Bank. Shopping is more intimate in the 6th arrondissement because of the narrow streets and one can get up close and personal when window shopping.   

In September, I am heading back to Paris and I'm looking forward to seeing the new Parisian Prada femmes but, I will also be going to Italy where I'll have the opportunity to see the hometown Prada ladies in Rome and Florence. 

Will the "ladies" have a different look in Italy? 

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