This weekend was very hot in Toronto but who can stay indoors when the sun is shining and it's summer in the city.  So, we decided to walk the streets on the shady side and just do some fun window shopping.  
The summer sales are in full swing and little vignettes 
of Fall fashions are now slipping into the stores.

This cute shop is 3 blocks away from my home and on a residential street where there are no other shops.  We just happened to come across this little beauty as we walked downtown under the large shady trees.  It was Sunday and the shop wasn't open but I'm definitely going back this week.
The Chelsea Shop had some of the most beautiful jewelry 
that was both funky and colorful and definitely, my taste. 
 I will take  more pictures as the decor of this 
shop is very appealing.  
It seems that most of the merchandise is made in Africa but after I visit, I will have a better idea 
of what this unique little shop sells.
Of course, Chanel was still featuring windows of clothing and accessories that had the Bollywood influence.  
I loved the pillows and the dress was a 
Lagerfeld version of an Indian sari.
Gardenias, a purse and shoes completed 
the visual story at Chanel.
Prada still had a very summery feeling with a pretty blue 
and white cotton dress.
The colors in the Hermes window were beautiful.  Love the blues and greens of the silk threads next to the 
gorgeous Hermes scarf.
The William Ashley Shop that specializes in tableware designed a window to promote the Canadian National Ballet Company's interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.  

I love to window shop no matter where I am or what the weather.  In another month, all the store windows will be dressed to the hilt in celebration of the Toronto International Film Festival.  All the Hollywood stars will be in Toronto to promote their films for 10 days.  I can't wait.  Johnny Depp, Oprah, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts  with a mixture of the hottest fall fashions in all the high end stores in Toronto.  I will be there taking as many pictures as possible to give you a sense of a fun time in my city.

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