Birthdays, Paris And Wine

It was a hot hot day in Toronto but celebrations must go on.  Today Deborah and I celebrated  her birthday at La Société Bistro.   When you reach our age, every year must warrant a big celebration and this fabulous new restaurant seemed like the perfect place to do that.  

The other event we celebrated was the news that I am heading back to Paris at the end of September and coupling that trip with a visit to Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice and then back to Paris for a couple of days before we head back to Toronto.  My lovely man is taking me on this trip to 
celebrate our milestone birthdays this year ... 
it's time for us to start having some fun.
This beautiful new restaurant is a perfect place to pretend that you are in a Parisian bistro.  The owner of this restaurant spared no expense in the decor of this seemingly authentic Parisian eatery.  The photos just don't capture all the beautiful details of this restaurant's decor.  If you live near Toronto, it's worth the trip and the food is quite good.  The Executive Chef is from my previous home town of Niagara on the Lake.
On the doors of the restaurant are the 
gold plated words "push."   So lovely.
My friend who was celebrating her birthday is an interior decorator and it was fun to share this experience with her.  She loved the beautiful little black painted cabinet with the black marble top to house the computer of the restaurant.  And the print above the cabinet is a cover from Vogue Magazine that I saw at the Vogue exhibition 
two years ago along the Champs Elysees.
Small world isn't it?
The tiles on the floor throughout the restaurant and even in the washrooms were exquisite.  The time to install and expense for that floor must have been staggering  but what a difference that detail made to the entire interior.  The floors literally glistened through the space.
These hand painted doors are an exquisite way to enter 
this Parisian paradise.
Yes, people were sitting outside today ... although, we didn't.  What we did do was enjoy a typical French bistro lunch of Croque Madame (with an egg on top) and delicious frites.  All  that  delicious food went down so well with ice cold glasses of pinot grigio.  We arrived at 12:30 and left around 4:00. 

 Isn't it just so much fun to spend the afternoon with a good friend talking the time away?   We did finally leave to walk around Yorkville and ended up having one more glass of wine at another cute little French café called Creme.    They say when it's hot that you should stay hydrated??!!  
It was truly a fun day.

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