Weekend Update ... IKEA Style

I just came across the most amazing new blog sponsored by IKEA called Livet Hemma that shows you, the blog reader, how to use IKEA products in new and very creative ways.  Today's blog post from this great new site had an idea 
that even I could do.

In my old Victorian home, the hallways and stairs are very narrow and a number of my studio items like my painting table and some storage furniture wouldn't fit up the steps.  I am sitting here with boxes of pillows, paints, etc that I'm not sure exactly where they will be stored.   So, to remedy the situation, I have made a couple of trips to IKEA 
to look for some solutions. 

I now understand why so many apartments in Paris use IKEA products .... they have a clean look and they come apart so that you can move them anywhere in most spaces.  This idea that IKEA showed today is a fun way to create some storage, show off your items and it's super EASY.  The hardest part of this project is going to IKEA ... 
it's a mad house on the weekends.
The project calls for wooden boxes held together by 
bullnose clips and painted inside or left natural wood.
I assume that they are called Prant and I have no idea how pricey 1406 krona might be for 4 different sized boxes but everything else 
at IKEA is very reasonable. 
Actually, with that big hole in the box, you could 
put your cat in there when it needs to go to the vets.  
How many uses could you find?
Good old bullnose clips.  I threw a ton of these away when I was packing to move to the new house.  Isn't that just typical?  You don't use something for years, you throw it away and the next day, you wish you had saved it.

So, if you were going to be bored this weekend, here's a little project for you or have a look at the blog with IKEA inspirations.  
"Look" is the operative word here ... 
it's in Swedish .... 
but a picture is worth a thousand words.


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