This is Garance.  I painted this Priscilla Mae lady about a year ago for my Etsy shop but something happened.  I got attached to this Parisian lady and couldn't sell her.  She reminds me of many of the French women I saw in Paris and she seems to fit this house even more so than my last country home.  
She is a city woman ... and now, so am I.

Now, I'm not a big fan of smoking but Garance ... she likes a little puff now and then and we all have our petite weaknesses.  She's extremely wise in the ways of the world and lots of fun.  Can you imagine anyone else who would be more entertaining to sit with at a sidewalk café in Paris?  
This is a photo of my new studio which is still a room in transition.  I'm having a little difficulty finding places for all my art and supplies in this much smaller space.  I have Garance sitting on a rattan chair giving me some inspiration. 
 "Throw it out .... get rid of it ....
 let it go and start something new."  

 I hear Garance but I'm arranging this studio setup quite slowly.  Even after making a big move in my life, I am still assessing this change and trying to let go of the past so that I have room for the new.  I'm not sure what kind of new interests I might be drawn to ... I'll have to let this part of me evolve.  
Garance and I will keep you informed as we proceed with the renovation of my city home and my new creative space.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, it will soon be time to take a break and sit outside at an outside café in Toronto.   Garance and I can just pretend we are in Paris.

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