Adding Art To The Kitchen

I haven't put my back splash in or painted the wall over the sink, 
but I have put up a piece of art that I have loved for many years.  
I needed a bit of sparkle over the sink.  

This Lady in the Black Hat was a piece of art I bought 23 years ago 
when I was 8 months pregnant with my son, so it has very special 
memories for me.  I went to an auction and this was the only
 piece of art that spoke to me that night and I just had to have it.  
There were other competitive bidders but the auctioneer pointed me 
out to the crowd and asked that the bidding end quickly before I went into labour.  With that one comment, the bidding ceased and I had the
 Lady in the Black Hat.  
Are people afraid of pregnant women?
With my new black and white kitchen, I wanted to add splashes 
of great color and I love to do that with art and flowers.  I will be 
finishing the painting on the back splash as soon as I decide 
what I want to do in that area.  I have to live with 
all the possibilities  for a while before I make a decision.  
That will come soon.
I put the laundry facilities in the kitchen as they do in Paris. 
 I'm not a basement kind of a gal and the thought of doing 
my wash "down there" was not an option.  It makes so much 
sense for me to have it in this new area and I love doing the 
wash when I'm cooking.  Two  jobs done at once.  This is a great 
solution for smaller spaces and having all the plumbing 
centralized there made it very easy to install.  

This new home keeps taking me back to Paris.

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