This is the tiny second bedroom in my new home pre wall removal and raccoons.  It was a very dark grey painted room, just large enough to hold a queen bed and a small dresser.  You are looking through the door that has since been filled in and the wall on the left that you can't see has been removed and opens up into my studio space.  

Being a rather tall woman, I'm not terribly comfortable being in small rooms, especially small rooms that are painted a dark color. I know home decor experts say dark colors make small rooms seem larger but I never got that.  I feel like I'm in a cell.
The room has now a soft white wall with a white painted floor and a day bed for a guest.  I changed the windows to bring in more light and added old paintings of roses by Longpré.  Next to the rose paintings are some of my old collection of mirrors to give a little sparkle to the room.  

I haven't sorted through my vintage material as yet to find my old roses patterns to add as pillows but that's on the list of things to do.  My material stash is still packed in a box somewhere.   All this could change many times as I find wonderful little treasures to hang among my roses and mirrors or on the day bed.   

Facing the new studio, this little nook is a bright happy space and although it is so much smaller than the bedrooms in my old home, it's going to be a wonderful space to relax and dream.  It will also be a special place for 
good friends who come to visit.

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