The Boxes Have Left The Premises

I have spent the last week in the studio trying to clear the floor and tables of all the packed boxes of paints, pillows and art paraphernalia.  
Today, I found the floor and 
most everything is now in it's place.   

I tore down the wall between the small guest room and the studio 
area to make a larger area and then painted the walls and floor 
white to open up the space.  The room is now bright and 
very welcoming and when I sit at my computer, I have a 
bird's eye view of all the happenings on the street.
The cabinet in the corner was in the old kitchen and it's drawers 
provide great storage space for my packing materials, 
paints and earrings for the pillow ladies.  
The guest room has it's own space for friends who stop by for 
a visit and overlooks the church from the window by the bed.  
During the week, there is a small playground in the 
church yard for the cute Montessori toddlers and it's lovely to 
hear childrens' voices giggling during play time.  
The "girls" painted on the totes love fluttering in the breeze.
I put in new casement windows that open wide to let in lots of fresh air.  
This room faces west and is bright and happy in the afternoon. 
Summer may be a little warmer but  there is a cherry tree 
outside the windows that will provide shade and is now 
attracting some lovely birds.  
The tree is about ready to blossom.
My working desk will be doubling as my painting table until I get 
a folding table to paint on.  I'm taking this all slowly to see 
how I will use the room.  I've even considered painting outside 
on the back terrace during the summer and enjoying the church 
and the music playing inside.  My old art table is sitting out on 
the back terrace because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. The 
stair width of old Victorian homes is only 26 inches.   So this year, 
my art table will be used for dining and fun projects.  
Nothing stays the same is my new motto.

I have some friends coming to see me over the next couple 
of weeks so my studio will be a guest room.  
I hope my friends will enjoy their stay.

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