Pictures From My Dreambook

Lavish Locations
Now that the first phase of my renovations are over and the house has been repainted a soft white to act as my canvas, I am madly looking through magazines and blogs to find pictures of room decor that touches my heart.  
This weekend is going to be a kick back relaxing 3 days of pure 
pleasure and dreaming.  I am going to gather home decor 
ideas to try in my new home.  I am in dire need of some 
inspiration after 5 months of packing, moving and renovation.  
Let the fun begin.

There is something in each of these pictures that takes my breathe away. 
 I am so attracted to rooms with white floors, white walls and 
light furnishings.  I love interesting architectural details which 
accounts for my passion for older homes.  This would have been 
a lovely living room and mine doesn't look like this but I could 
add a great mirror or the beautiful chandelier.  
I do have room for both in my home.
Mari Eriksson
I love the old shutters and I too have an old kitchen table in front of my white sofa as well.  I like a high coffee table because it fits my life so well.  The table gives me a place to put all my magazines when I thumbing through them or where I might sketch some ideas for my art or where I might like to eat a pasta dinner when I'm watching a chick flick.  I've never been one to watch TV without having a project to do at the same time and my coffee table is an imperative part of my living room scene.
Style and Substance
I'm dying to find a long table for my dining room and put mismatched 
chairs around it. I've always dreamed of this.  It goes with my 
mismatched china.  I would prefer an old white table 
but this one is truly lovely.  

Notice the white chandelier?  I have a great old silver 
candelabra that was broken in the move and I think it 
would be fun to spray paint it white and 
then the glued parts won't show.
I love the fireplace mantel for a headboard.  There are so 
many fireplace mantels for sale at salvage yards and second hand stores.  
I guess you just have to find something really special or 
you could add gingerbread details to a plain mantel.

Is that a rectangular mirror on top of the mantel?  
I love the way they have layered all the interesting 
components of the fireplace, mirrors, and shells.  

Do you have a dream book?  
Or an inspiration board for all your tear sheets?  
Where do you keep the pictures 
that make your heart skip a beat?

Have a dreamy weekend.

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