Shuddering At My Love Of Shutters

Meg Mitchell
Blame it on Paris.  Everywhere you walk in Paris, you see shutters.  Every window you peer out of is framed by the metal shutters that are used by Parisians for privacy or to block out bad weather conditions or bright sunlight.  To me, the best thing about shutters is the way the light dances through the slats and bounces off the walls of your apartment.  

But shutters don't have to be just on your windows.  I love them as a decorating tool as well and I plan to use my stash of shutters in fun places around my new home.  This weekend, I poured over pictures how others have used shutters in their decorating schemes.
Mari Erikssen
As a divider of spaces that still lets lovely light into different parts of your room or as a perfect place to hang one of your lovely treasures.  This is a pretty vignette.
This is absolutely one of my favorite rooms ... the beautiful daybed dressed in white linen and the rustic old shutters as art on the wall.  The textures displayed in this room are delicious.
Brabourne Farm
Instead of art behind your sofa, how about a pair of old shutters?  My only problem with this room is the need of one more shutter to add to the two already there.  It looks too balanced or incomplete ... leaves me hanging.  What do you think?
Mel Yates
I love the use of the black shutter in this very simple bathroom.  It becomes the art that will continue to change as the light moves during the day.  Great old photograph on the wall.
Peter Margonelli
I simply adore the use of the shutters in this room.  Each one different.  It's like a wall of art.  

Over the years, I have collected old and new shutters.  I want to use them in my new home.  Luckily, most of the doors in my home are French doors, even my bathroom door.  Light just pours through all the halls because there isn't a solid door to block the sun.  So, my shutters will be used as screens for privacy and texture or as art on my old walls.  Not sure how I will use them but I will be pulling them out of the basement shortly and placing them around the house to see where they fit best.

Are you a shutter freak as well?  We all would love to hear your ideas how you have used shutters in your decor or if you have seen some interesting ways shutters are used as art or design.  
I love new ideas.

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