Opening Up My New Doors To Spring


This was the kitchen of the house I recently bought.  It had mostly 
open shelves and the appliances were all below counter height.  
  Towards the end of the kitchen, the previous owners set up a sitting 
area that overlooked the back garden.  I decided to open up 
the kitchen even more to let in the morning sun and 
to gaze upon the beautiful church next door.

What a mess it was opening up that wall but now, it seems worth the hassle.  
 I chose a black framed door  which I felt added a beautiful 
frame to my outside patio area.  I wanted 
an eat-in kitchen for entertaining friends  and then in the summer, 
having the option to include the back yard as 
part of the extended dining area.  
The plaster fireplace was bought from the Shaw Theatre and was used as a prop in one of their plays.  Although it's not a working fireplace, I put candles in the grate area and they give a glow like a real fire.  Nice for a little atmosphere.

The glass wrought iron table was my Grandmother's and I remember sitting at this table with my cousins having pancakes and maple syrup.  
That's still one of my favorite breakfasts.
And this is the view from my breakfast table looking out my new sliding doors at the gorgeous old church next door.  Because the weather is starting to get warmer, the windows in the church are slowly opening and I can hear the most lovely music. How nice will that be in the summer 
when I get around to making some 
pancakes and blueberry syrup?  
Looking out my new windows means that breakfast 
will now have a new meaning in my city life.

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