Where Will I Live?

Have you ever wondered what the Universe has planned for you when an occurrence out of the blue sets up a series of events that changes your life extraordinarily?

As you might remember, on November 29th, the day I was leaving to fulfill a bucket list item of spending two weeks in Paris at Christmas, an offer was made (that I couldn't refuse) on my home in the country. My house wasn't on the market but I had spoken to a real estate friend months previously about my thoughts of moving back to the big city. That day in November, he came by with a newly arrived couple who were looking for a historical home in my little town. I was considering putting my dear home on the market in the Spring of 2011 but my heart was dreading all the hassle of a major change. A twenty year relationship had ended several months previously and I sat idling in neutral.
What did I want to do with my life?

My house sold in one day, and six hours after I signed the deal, I was sitting on the plane in my first class seat (air points), having a glass of champagne thinking of how my life was now on a trajectory that I couldn't get off, both physically and emotionally. My mind was racing with all the possibilities that this new decision could open up for me.

What would I do?
I had the money to change my life at this stage any way more or less that I wanted. Would I put all my furniture and "things" into storage and take a year to travel and live in another country like Elizabeth Gilbert did in "Eat, Pray, Love?" Or would I rent a great apartment and ease my way back into the big city to make sure I really wanted to be there? Or should I look for a home to buy and just jump in feet first and make another little nest for myself somewhere among the exciting offerings of a great place like Toronto?
Of course, the biggest questions that kept repeating themselves that night were:
"What have I done and what was I thinking?"

I landed in Paris, and you know how I love that city, but my head and my heart were someplace else. Paris tried and it put up a great fight to capture my attention but all I could think about was my future with two months to downsize and pack up my life to go WHERE?
At night, I would sit at my laptop looking at potential properties to rent or buy in Toronto.
"Oh my Lord, what have I done?"
I was praying for a sign of what to do.
And it came.

Four nights after my "begging for help", a cute little house appeared on the multiple listing service in a great area of Toronto where I could walk anywhere I wanted or take the subway that was only 2 blocks away. It was the only house I saw that touched my heart and it was being featured as the Home of the Week in Canada's national newspaper.
It would be gone in a New York minute.
And I'm sitting in Paris!

Stayed tuned.

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