A Weekend Of Saying Goodbye

 This weekend was the last of my sales to let go of the old so that I can 
move on to the new.  I said goodbye to some old favorites as they were carried 
out by their new excited owners.  I thought it would be difficult but letting go
 is getting a bit easier.  Is it the anticipation of the new adventure or 
is it just time for a change?

This old ornate table was bought at a picker's auction. It was in rough 
shape ,painted brown  and you know how I feel about brown.  After many 
coats of white paint and some scraping here and there, it became one 
of the tables I used in my family room.
 This reproduction Canadian pine rocker was made for me by a 
craftsman from Northern Ontario and was my 24th birthday present 
from my ex-husband.  When we divorced, I sat in it less and less and 
decided it was time for another young woman to enjoy sit in it and rock 
away the day in front of a warm fireplace.
 I love old suitcases and I have a buyer for these but they are one 
of the items I haven't quite decided whether to let go or not.  They provide
 great storage and make fun side tables in small rooms. 
 I have until Wednesday to make this decision.  
 I loved my little birdcage.  I used it quite often in photo shots for my 
Priscilla Mae hanging sachet pillows.  It swung from a chain in my sunroom 
and in the summer, I put a climbing plant inside for a splash of
 green but no birds  ....  
too sad to see live animals in cages.
 I bought this 50's prom dress at Goodwill.  This hung in my bedroom 
as a piece of art.  The color of the dress is pistachio and looked 
smashing along side my soft pink and green rose paintings from 
the 20's and 30's.   
Maybe the person who bought it will wear it. 
 It's still in perfect shape.
I loved this little French provincial dresser that was so shabby chic.  
It was white and then it was robin egg blue and then I repainted it 
back to a soft cream.  A young college graduate bought the shabby 
dresser for her first apartment.  
I was so pleased.

As wonderful bundles of old vintage curtains walked out the door of my studio,
 I hoped that the new creators would have as much fun dreaming of all 
the ways they could be used.  Or my old hammock would rock the new 
buyer on a lazy summer day.  Or my pistachio porcelain 
30's horse lamp would light a favorite novel.  

It was a lovely weekend of recycling old dreams for me 
and also a weekend of letting go so 
that I will have plenty of space to create my new life.

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