This is the kitchen door out to the backyard patio in my new upcoming home.  I love lots of windows and hopefully in the near future, I would like to extend the window/door to the wall so that the kitchen has a bank of outside light and scenery.  

Right next to my home is a huge old church constructed in old gray stone.  It's one of the oldest churches in Toronto as well as one of the most avant garde.  To look out my window or to sit in my back yard and see this beautiful building next door will make me feel like I am in some European city on vacation.  Not sure if the church rings it's Sunday bells but .... 
who wants to sleep their life away?
This is what I have in mind.  A white kitchen with the windows framed in black.  It's one of my newest loves in home decor.  When the windows are framed in black, it makes the outside landscape look like a painting.  In front of my window will sit my Grandmother's black wrought iron glass top table and chairs.  I can sit by my new windows looking out, 
 sip a café au lait 
and enjoy my "sacred" view.
Don't you just love this long harvest table?   You might need roller skates to serve everyone in this kitchen.  
 I just love the windows at the end.  

These windows are heavier in black and wouldn't suit my kitchen but I do love how they anchor the room and 
give visual interest.
Pulp design studios
Even this living room using the one black painted door is interesting.  In this case though, I find my eye goes to the door instead of the fireplace in the center of the room. 

 I'm not sure I like the couch in this room.  I think everyone who comes to visit would make a bee line to sit at the end of the couch that has the full back.  You would be doing back bends on the other end. It's one of those items that might be more "arty" but then you wonder, 
"What were they thinking?"

Have any of you tried painting a room element black like window frames in your home?
How did you like it?  
Are the pictures in magazines better than the actual idea?
Looking for input.....

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