As you know, I am presently designing my kitchen for my new home.  The kitchen cabinets have been ordered and are now being made and will be installed before I move in at the end of February.  Now, I am having fun choosing the finishes that I want to include in my new kitchen. 

 In this picture, it's the checkered floor.  I had a checkered floor in my present home and I loved it.  With the entire kitchen being white, I like the detail of a black & white floor.
 Years ago, at a garage sale, I found a chair like the ones above but it was even a little more ornate.  Actually, it sort of looks like a throne.  It's painted white (would you expect anything else) and has muslin tacked on to the seat and back like these.  I do have a little stool that would be fun 
to cover with burlap like the one shown.  

How much fun would it be to have a 
throne in a kitchen for the Queen of the house?
 Because I am moving to the big city, I am trying to get as much work done on the furniture I'm taking to save money.  It less expensive to have furniture painted and re-upholstered in a small town than the big old city.  I have 4 old chairs like these that I had stripped and painted white.  I'll antique them a bit when I get settled and make the 
lovely covers like these for their seats.
 The upper cabinets in my new kitchen will have glass at the top like these cabinets.  My contractor is going to put motion sensory lights in them so that when I walk into the kitchen at night to get a midnight snack, I won't have to turn the lights on.  There will be a lovely little glow as I chomp into a 
chicken leg or a piece of cherry pie.  
My kitchen island is going to be an old pine table that I have and I will be adding large wheel castors on the legs to raise it a bit higher.  I can also then roll the table over to where I might want to set up a buffet.   I will also definitely add towel racks like these to the side of the table to hold beautiful white linen towels.  I'm mad about old white linen towels with monograms.  I have been collecting them for years.  I have used them for pretty cafe curtains but in this house, 
they will be what they were designed for.

Don't you love going through magazines and design blogs looking at all the little details of rooms?  And then, when you find something that touches your heart, 
you just have to find a place to use it in your home.  

What are some of your favorite personal touches 
in your kitchen?

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