OUT WITH THE OLD ..............

 This weekend is my big downsizing sale.  I have transformed my studio into a Second Hand Rose emporium.  Luckily, I sold most of my furniture this past week so now what I have left are all the little treasures that I just had to have over the last 20 years.  Vintage fabrics, wonderful old buttons and lace, tulle, great decorating books and funky china.
 I have even included some of my hand painted furniture.  They are more difficult to part with and I can always paint new old furniture.
 There is a purple crinoline with hot pink boas, silver and pink tiaras, and lovely vintage hankerchiefs from days gone by.  They are clean by the way.
 There are vintage suitcases, an antique steel toolbox that was my uncle's, and lots of frames and old pictures of roses and women.  The hardest things to part with will be all my magazines that I have collected for years.   I sold 50 issues of the old Victoria Magazine earlier this week.  Do you remember how lovely those photographs were?  

I also have lots of Marie Claire Idées which is my absolute favorite magazine.  Tons of wonderful ideas for artists, home decor and fashion between the covers of this wonderful French publication.  And then I have quite a few of the now defunct Home Companion magazine.  Oh well, time to move on.
This is my hand painted wooden screen that I painted one winter day when I was soooooo bored.  It's a little over the top but I was truly bored.  When you are snowed in, there's either game shows on TV or you find something fun to paint or you eat. 

I hope lots of people come and find something 
wonderful to take home.
Then .... 
I don't have as much to pack!!! 

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