Do you see that small white space towards the back of the photograph?  
That's my master suite closet in my new home.  

What I realized tonight as I look through the pictures of my new upcoming home is I have inadvertently bought a house very much like the homes in Paris.  No, my new home doesn't have beautiful wrought iron balconies, or marble fireplaces or even herringbone floors but it does have one big similar quality ..... like houses in Paris, 
my new home has limited closet space.  
Actually, virtually none.

You see, when I bought my new home, I was so overcome with the "feel" of the place that I didn't really pay much attention to small details like closet space.  I did notice the present owners, being French Canadian,  did have some lovely armoires throughout their home.  I'm quite keen on armoires and I too am going to be quite taken with this style of storage.   This new home will be like living in Paris .... I will become creative with storage space.

 I started looking through all the pictures of closets and this one by IKEA did offer a very interesting solution to limited closet space.  Because I will be repainting the brown walls to a creamy white and my floors are already white, my room will be similar to this one.  

This is kind of a funky solution.  The colors of my clothing becomes like the art on my wall (black being the predominant color) and on those days when I am running late, all I have to do is reach over my head and pull something to wear off the hanger.  
Easy peasy Cover Girl.

My new closet won't be large enough to have a chair which is unfortunate.  I love to take my clothes off and pile them on a chair at night.  Good clothes are hung carefully on the back of the chair but your everyday comfort clothes just pile up on the seat until Sunday when you straighten up your room again.  That habit has not changed since I was 13.  

Check out the little cubicles.  Each pair of shoes gets their own cubicle with space to spare.  My shoes will not be living in high rent cubicle spaces.  I do however, like the chandelier and I will add something like that for fun.  
Would you love to have a closet large enough to put a vase of roses in?  

In my next life, this will be my closet ... 
a whole bench to put your clothes on.

This is the diagram the storage specialists suggest for small closet spaces.  

I am having to get rid of so many clothes to fit into this diagram and my new lifestyle of no closets.  It's okay because as I go through every piece of clothing to decide what will go to my new home, it's actually a small percentage of my total wardrobe.  The same clothes I pile on my chair each week and then launder are the same clothes I wear most of the time.  

Do you have clothes in your closet that you rarely wear or even,  never worn? 
 I am embarrassed to say I do.  
Maybe, just maybe, this downsizing thing I'm going through and the lack of closets and storage space will lighten up my life from all my "stuff".  All those books say that you have to let go of the old to make room for the new.   I have noticed that as I put all my clothing in bags for Goodwill and drop them off, I rarely think or miss any of the items.  
Out of sight ... out of mind.

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