I was sitting in my loft bed in Paris wondering what my life was going to look like. At that point, my house had been sold a week earlier and within 2 months, I had no where to go. It felt so safe up in my little bed in the sky and part of me wanted to hunker down inside the covers and just let my life go by. Outside my window in the streets of Paris, it was gray and about ready to snow. Hibernation, rather than decision, felt like the most comfortable choice.
I was overwhelmed with the abrupt change in my life.

But, there on my computer, in the Toronto multiple listings was a possibility of a new home and I had to find a place to live fairly quickly or I really was going to end up on the streets; which I think is the fear of so many women. I wrote my real estate agent a quick note to see if the house had been sold as yet. There had been lots of activity since the house was the featured home in the newspaper and on the second day, an offer had been made and turned down by the owners.

That felt like a sign, so I decided to go back to Toronto and at least see the house and test whether it really touched my heart as much as the pictures on the real estate site suggested.
If it was sold by the time I got there, that's life, but I had to try.

The young couple who owned the home were splitting amicably. Their lives had gone in different directions. The young woman was an up and coming chef and was very attached to this home. I liked that. I asked my real estate agent to contact her and tell her I was leaving Paris early so that I could see her home and that I too, had just gone through a separation and understood the difficulty this change was stirring. I just felt it was important to somehow connect with this young woman because I think women and their homes are so emotionally intertwined.

I left Paris the next day and met my real estate agent at my potential next home the following day. When I arrived at the door, the young woman was there to greet me and we had a chance to talk as she showed me through her home. After speaking with her, I knew it was a well-loved home. She went off to her restaurant and I spent the next 2 hours just walking through the house with my son and a great designer friend.
We all agreed that this home felt like a great next move for me.
My new city home

So I submitted an offer, hopped back on the train to my home in Niagara and by the time I arrived home two hours later, my offer had been accepted. I couldn't believe it. Sell my home in one day and buy my next home in one day. I am a real estate agent's delight.
Something just felt right about both transactions.
I must have been ready for a change and hadn't acknowledged it.

Was it the Universe telling me it was really time to move on with my life? It all happened so quickly that I didn't have time to talk myself out of it. So many things in my life were coming to an end but now, so many new things were just beginning.
It looks like this is going to be a wild ride.

Stay with me on this trip. There is lots more to come. How does one downsize
their life to fit into a home half the size? This whole next month is about letting go ...
letting go of "things" as well as my own previous life.
It's possibly the story of all "women of a certain age" ....
a chance to write a new chapter of life.

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