This will be my new bedroom in my new home.  Real estate photos have a very magic 
quality ... they make your potential room look so large.  When you finally preview a potential home and you are standing in the very same room that was shown on the real estate listing, your little mind says,  "This looks like the picture in the listing but it's about 10' smaller."  
The secret real estate photographers 
use is the wide angle lens.  

My new bedroom is still a nice size and as you all know who have read my blog,  I am absolutely crazy about white floors and this bedroom has white floors. Yippee!!    But, I'm not real crazy about dark brown walls.  I'm a light and bright kind of gal and so in between the closing of this house and my moving in less than 2 weeks later, I am having the walls throughout my new home painted various shades of white.

Notice the great medallion on the ceiling?  Needs a fun chandelier don't you think?
 Now, here's my other big change.  I have a sleigh bed in darker pine but I'm not crazy about the dark wood.  This is my son's room in my present home and he likes dark wood.   Have you ever noticed how a man will go into cardiac arrest when a woman suggests painting a piece of furniture or trim from natural wood to a painted finish?  
My son is on his own now and well, as a woman's prerogative, I have elected to paint my sleigh bed white.
 I have taken my bed to a company that will strip and paint my sleigh bed so that it looks like this.  My brown room and my brown bed will be white.  Now I can add fun accent colors with my art and accessories and I can change them whenever I want because I am not restricted by color.  There is something about whites that are so calming for me and when I move into a new space, I need a fresh clean canvas to start with.  I have to live in a space for a while to see how it feels 
and what I want to do with it.  
Do you as well?
I love the home decor pictures you find through blogs.  I ask to see white rooms with white sleigh beds and this lovely upholstered one appears.  I like a bed in the middle of a room.  It seems like an interesting idea.  I have tried that with my sleigh bed but then I trip over the lamp wires that also have to stretch to the middle of a room as well because one has to read before they fall asleep, don't they?  
This is another trick by photographers that doesn't match with reality.

So, I ask you .... are you a painter of wood furniture?  Would you have painted your sleigh bed white or another color or would you have kept the bed in it's original wood finish?  I have this theory that generally women paint and men don't.  
What happens in your home?

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