What A Day! What A Day!

Tonight, my Air Canada plane will be taking me to Paris, and with all my saved air mile points, I scored a first class seat. I will have a glass of champagne and a night of forty winks before I land in the City of Lights tomorrow morning.

Remember in my last post I was having difficulty figuring out what to pack? Something came up this weekend that prevented me from stewing over this dilemma, so I simply got out my large suitcase and threw in everything black. To stare into my suitcase now is like looking into a black hole. I have no idea what's in there but it's black.

Let me tell you what happened this weekend.

I sold my home.

It wasn't even on the market as yet. I had told my friend, a real estate agent, that I was considering selling my house in the Spring and moving back to the City. He brought over a nice couple who were renting short term in my town and were looking for a historical home to buy. I showed them my home on Saturday and they made an offer on Sunday. It was a nice offer so I accepted it and I will be moving on February 28th.

Last night, I shed many tears for my home that I love so much, but I also felt a tremendous amount of excitement over my new opportunity for a brand new adventure. When I return from Paris, I will have to quickly downsize my life and find a new city home. I'll take you along on this journey and if my pictures look a little blurry, it's only because my hand is shaking.

They say that sometimes things fall into place because they are meant to be ......
I hope so??!!

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