Packing For Paris

How does one pack for Paris in the winter? How cold will it be? Will the women still be as stylish in big coats and boots? I realized I had to do some major research on the subject before my trip in December.

Weather: Average daytime high temperature is 44-47 F
Average nighttime low temperature is 38-43 F
The weather rarely drops below freezing but there will be frequent rain.

That's not so bad. I won't need a huge winter coat and I would be best served dressing in layers of clothing that can be taken off as the day warms. Other problem .... where do you put all the layers of clothing you have stripped off when you are walking around?
I'll feel and look like a pack mule.

This list is the latest on what women are wearing in Paris this Fall/Winter season and
will be the guide when I start my packing process.

Dress in neutrals. Paris women like their black but are now including camel, grey and cream into their wardrobes. To infuse a little color into the palette, do that with accessories like purses, scarves, belts and hats.
Fire engine red is a very popular shade for a pop in color in Paris.
And one of the most important accessories in Paris is an umbrella.

Boots, boots, boots ..... they are everywhere in Paris.

Boots go with everything and they keep you warm. They look as good with skirts as they do with the new skinny jeans. The bootie shoes have also stepped in as a great fashion statement and look great with both pants and skirts.
I love them but I will be taking a smaller heel in all my shoes for comfort.

Of course, you will see women wearing their Repetto flats at all times of the year.

One suggestion was to bring a little black dress that will go for so many occasions. Wear the dress with boots and a great scarf during the day and at night, change to kitten heels and some great pieces of jewelry. That's really easy, n'est-ce pas?
Always good to have a little jacket to dress up your jeans at night
when dining at more casual places like bistros and cafes.
The most important and typical Parisian woman's accessory is her scarf. Every woman in Paris wears a scarf no matter the weather. It is so flattering to a face and brings the needed color to the neutral wardrobe. There seems to be hundreds of ways to tie a scarf and you'll see them all along the streets of this great city.
I know two ways ... need a tutorial I think. You can find great scarves
for very little money outside the Galleries Lafayette.
They are light and easy to pack. Buy dozens.
The whole emphasis to me is on simplicity and good taste which results in elegance. Even a Parisian woman's grooming is "au natural." The women look as if they jumped out of bed, ran a brush through their hair, added red lipstick and were ready to get on with their day. A good haircut is crucial to this natural style and taking good care of their skin.
Facials are a given routine in Paris.

What Not To Wear ....

Leave your leisure wear at home.
No white running shoes, sweats or windbreakers.
You become a target for those unsavory types who prey on unsuspecting tourists.
Paris is a very stylish city and you will receive better treatment everywhere
if you just take the time to dress up a little bit.
And the beauty of not only looking good can also result in a much lighter suitcase.
Neutrals and accessories are the key components.

What are your favorite items to pack when you travel?


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