First Day In Paris

I arrived on Tuesday mid day in beautiful Paris. It's cold but sunny and
my friend and I were totally exhausted from the overnight flight.
Difficult to sleep on planes.

We decided to spend the afternoon walking around the rue Saint Dominique
area as I wanted to show her my favorite restaurants, shopping areas
and the best places to buy cheese, baguettes, vegetables,
and other great French goodies.

They were just starting to decorate the shops and restaurants for Christmas.
Because this area is a neighborhood, they aren't as commercial as the larger
shopping areas and Christmas seems to be more like
I remember growing up. Some stores did have lovely windows
like the one above for a children's store.
Fur seems to be a key decorating element in winter window decor.
The little bear sits on a lovely white fur (faux) throw.

This is the butcher's shop with his beautiful country hams hanging in the window
flocked by organic Christmas decor.
Outside of Lenotre, which is an upscale food shop, were decorations filled
with mirrors, gold discs and crystals that when you looked through them
made you think you were seeing the streets of Paris through a glass snow ball
that we all had when we were growing up.
Christmas trees were beginning to appear outside the florist shops but notice
how small they are as compared to our trees in North America.
The apartments are smaller and so must the trees.
Beautiful green and so fresh looking none the less.
You all know the French love their dogs and here are two rather
aristocratic canines
sitting in a shop window with a gold Eiffel Tower ready to find their place
under someone's Christmas tree.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! This is a tray that has been painted with
beautiful detail in Sir Monkey's clothing. A one of a kind gift, don't you think?

Tomorrow we head to all the shops of the famous designers to see how they
have decorated their windows for the festive season. Then we are going to
some of the wonderful street markets to see the artisans' creations
and taste the treats of the Christmas season. Can't wait and I will take
some wonderful photos for you to see as well.

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