Slip Into Something Sexy

"If you're wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous,
you're halfway there to turning heads."
Elle MacPherson

Elizabeth Taylor in the movie, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", was memorable in the role of the sexy Maggie in her beautiful silk slip. From the 1940's to the early 1960's,
women often wore a bra, panties, a girdle with stockings and a slip.
These women from the past loved being a woman
and the men were delighted to adore them.

As a young girl in the 50's, I remember my Mother wearing slips under her beautiful suits.
She also wore high heels with stockings with the seam running down the back of her leg.
Mom never went shopping without her string of pearls, a hat and her gloves.
As a young girl, the ritual of watching my Mother get ready to go out,
seemed so glamorous to me.

Now, slips are making a comeback.
With the popularity of the fashions of Mad Men, the slip as a garment of seduction
is growing in momentum from such style icons as Betty Draper.
Caroline Cox, author of "How To Be Adored" says slips are womanly and sexy.

This beautiful salmon pink silk slip was part of a silk treasury that was passed down to a friend from an aunt who obviously loved being a woman. It was then passed on to me because I love beautiful vintage clothing. It is so soft on my skin and when I wear it, I do feel more womanly.
I love to wear pearls with lovely silk slips and lingerie.
The luminescence of the silk with the pearls
play off each other beautifully on a woman's skin.

A slip can make a woman feel sexy when she sleeps in it or
it can serve a purpose when it is worn under a sheer or clingy dress.
Nothing is more lovely then the contrast of the lace on the silk or satin
of the slip. In the 50's, many of the slips were made of sheer nylon
that was buttery soft.
Today, they are made with lycra.
Where to find a beautiful vintage slip?
Vintage Clothing Shops
Vintage Websites or Ebay
Thrift Shops
Church Bazaars

The names to look for are Vanity Fair, Van Paalte, Barbizon,
Lily of France and Warner's to name a few.
Camisoles are much more common today and there is nothing so intriguing
as a touch of lace peeking above a blazer or lovely blouse.
So very French, don't you think?

Do you remember wearing slips when you were growing up?
Have you ever owned a slip?
Would you wear a slip with today's fashions?
Or as a dress itself?

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