Last Post Until Paris ... Whoopee

This will be my last post until I get to Paris. I am spending so much time

trying to figure out what to pack. I don't want to take my entire closet.
I have a stack of "potentials" sitting on my bed and each day,
I have to take 3 items of clothing out of the pile.
Then I find myself sneaking something else back in it's place.

The first 5 days will be spent with a friend who has
packing down to an art.
She swears by Tilley accessories that wash up easily and everything black.
She is only taking a carry-on suitcase. So, using my friend as a guide,
I have concentrated on black as my go-to color.
I look like a grieving Greek widow. Black pulls all the color from my face.
I know, I know ... scarves and jewelry will give me a pop of color
but you have to know what you're doing in that department.

The most difficult thing about packing is shoes. I love shoes
but when you get older,
shoes start to hurt a bit more when you are walking more than a block.
I usually take an extra pair of shoes with me in my purse each day
but that only works well in the summer and spring.
Winter is a different story.
You can't carry shoe booties in your purse.
So, I've decided to stop more often at a café and enjoy a famous
cup of Parisian hot chocolate
with an eclair and possibly a macaroon or a gateau .....

Do you know what is great about Paris at Christmas? There are Christmas markets
all over the city with wonderful artisans selling their creative best.
Markets on the Champs Elysees that go for blocks,
along Saint Germain des Prés and
the square around St. Sulpice Church just to name a few.
I will be taking pictures of all the festivities,
so please check back next week to see
Christmas in Paris.

Any suggestions on packing, let me know!!!

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