Barbie's ... I Mean Betsy Johnson's House

It's the weekend and it's time to have some fun, and the one way to do that,
is to spend a little time with fashion designer, Betsey Johnson.
I love Betsey Johnson
and I hope I will be just like her at 68 years old.
She has more joie de vivre in one of her extensions
than most of us have in our whole body.

A couple of weeks ago on Fashion Television, they had a one hour special of Betsey's 60th birthday at her East Hampton home. I've never seen a home like this ever and it was as if you were dropped in the middle of a Barbie Dream House. It couldn't help but bring out the little girl inside you ..... pinks ... lots of pinks ... ruffles, animal print and girlie accessories everywhere.

Check out the shower curtains .... all dyed by Betsey herself.
This is her bedroom. The colors ...... the dresses .... I'd love this room.
Here are a few shots of Betsey in her New York City apartment. This is fun too.
Just love her sweater with Marilyn on the front.
Her living room .... a little more tame. Roses everywhere. Love fresh flowers at home.
Makes each day seem so special.
Her kitchen. Betsey loves collections.
She has religious icons throughout all her homes.
I have a small collection of Marys that I found
in thrift stores that are both funky and beautiful.
Her bathroom. This is probably the most conservative of the rooms but I love
the animal print shower curtain. It would be like being a tigress in the morning.

Below is Betsey's 2010 Fall/Winter show. Her clothing is as fun as she is.
We all need to be more like Betsey Johnson ...
life should be colorful, quirky and fun.

Have a colorful, quirky and fun weekend.

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