I have been painting different little pillows lately.  I decided not to let the slower economy get me down and use some of my extra time to create some new pillows and try some new venues.  We sometimes complain when we are so busy that we don't have time to dream and try new things and then when times are slow, we are uncomfortable with having too much time on our hands.  I think you have to stay positive these days.  Trying to imagine how the world is changing and how that might effect your art and how you sell is a very interesting challenge.  I am a believer that difficult times are very necessary for growth, both personally as well as from a business perspective.

This is a little purse pillow.  It was fun to play with color and those funky little jewels to give the pillow a little bling.  Bling is important in these darker days.  We all need some sparkle in our lives.
Here's a closer view of the little pillow.  I love animal prints and roses together.  This little pillow would look cute in a girly room or to give a little feminine touch to your boudoir.
On the back of the pillow is a fun quote.  "SHE HEARD THE PURSE CALLING HER NAME."  Purses don't usually call my name unless they are a little funky and fun.  Sometimes, they are just like carrying little works of art.

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