It's Spring or at least it feels like we are getting in that general vicinity today.  The sun is out and it's a tad bit warmer but still I hesitate to get out in the fresh air and dirt.  I'm one of those rare persons that really doesn't get off on gardening.  It reminds me of housework; never ending.  No matter how weedless it looks one day, those darn things are back after one good rain.  I watch "An Escape to the Country" on the BBC and the one thing every prospective house hunter is looking for is a rather large garden.  I think to myself, "Are you kidding me?  Do you have any idea how much work and expense a garden is?"  And of course I am getting to that age when you can get down just fine but getting back up is another matter.  

These are the three pillows from the Garden Club series.  This is about as successful as I can be around anything "garden."  The quote on the back of the Petunia pillow says, "Sorry you missed my garden but it peaked last week." That's what I say to guests in my back yard.  Just ignore the rolling of the eyes....
This is Hyacinth and her quote on the back of her pillow says, "Gardening.... another day at the plant."  Do you see a theme emerging here?
And finally, Lily.  She's one of my first and favorite women I created.  I use her face as my identifier on my blog and Etsy sites.  The quote on the back of the Lily pillow is a lovely one.  "May all your weeds be wildflowers."  That is the essence of my gardening mantra and belief.  I am thinking seriously about getting handfuls of wildflower seeds and sprinkling them all over the back yard and in those bare places where not much will grow.  Let Mother Nature take it's course and you don't want to fool with Mother Nature!

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