This week, I thoroughly reorganized my studio.  In Spring and Fall, I have this desire to change around furniture in my studio and home.  It always makes me feel as if I have a fresh start and a different perspective on the world.  I was also feeling a little spent from all the painting this winter and I need a break to see what was hiding in the corners of my studio.  I found Little Diva.  

Little Diva was one of the initial group of larger pillows I made several years ago.  At that time, one of the costume ladies from the Shaw Festival in Niagara On The Lake was helping me with the sewing.  What fun we had looking at the faces I had painted and then designing the style of pillow the face called for.  I didn't sell the Little Diva because I wasn't ready to part with her and I have a total love of tulle.  She was part of my tulle crazy period.  I even had tulle curtains.  It was like little ballerinas dancing in the window each morning.  

In the two days I was reorganizing my studio, I found all kinds of things I had created that I had forgotten about.  I found wonderful materials and jewelry and buttons that were tucked away when I was hastily cleaning up for studio for shows.  

It was great to clear out the cobwebs in my space and my head and now I'm back ready to try some new ideas.  It's Spring!!

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