My birthday is just around the corner and I usually escape to Paris for a month to celebrate it.  This year, I am trying something different and staying home and hitting the Parisian streets in September instead.   I love to celebrate my birthday in Paris because not just one day is special, but the whole month.  It is so interesting how in the Western world, we are so defined by our age whereas in other parts of the world, age goes hand in hand with wisdom.

The reason I designed the Midlife Madonnas was to celebrate this important time in a woman's life with a little bit of humor and a little bit of wisdom.  Above is Lola and she is from the series Midlife Madonnas.
On the back of each of the hand painted pillows is a quote that defines the essence of that pillow series.  On the back of Lola's pillow is the quote,  "I'm 39.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it."   And that is my mantra this year.
This is Clarisa.  I painted her on a tote for fun.  I go through periods of major tote painting because it's larger and I love the big colorful faces.  Clarisa's quote on the front of the tote says, "My mind not only wanders .... it sometimes leaves completely."   We have all had that sensation.  But think about that ... we don't worry about what we can't remember.  That sounds like a good plan.

So, if you are a Midlife Madonna and celebrating another birthday soon, remember  "youth is a gift, age is an art."

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