I have been painting up a storm this weekend in preparation for my Studio Show for Mother's Day this coming weekend.  Usually, it's the pillows that take most of my time but I was in a mood to paint something larger and colorful for Spring so I pulled out some totes and hit the brushes and paint.  I decided to try some of Les Femmes de Paris in a larger picture on the canvas totes just to try something new.  And of course, Manon has always been one of my favorite girls to paint.  I painted her earlier in the season in this Christian Lacroix suit and then tried some variations on the style.  I just love the colors and the stripes with the black and white checks.  Added a little glitter paint, and voila!!
This is the hot pink suited Manon on the tote and it is embellished at the top with a pleated black grosgrain ribbon. I added the little bow to make it flirty and French.  In my stash of collected earrings, I found a black and white striped earring which looks smashing with the black and white check blouse.  I have always loved to see women in hats with veils and on Manon, it just seemed to give her that mysterious veneer. 
This tote has Manon in a gold and ocean blue suit with the same black and white blouse.  I have always loved the look of black and white with color.  I believe it grounds the outfit or painting.  For a customer, I painted Manon with blond hair.  I wasn't sure I liked it as much as I do the red hair.  Red hair has always struck me as fiery and strong and I imagined Manon having those characteristics.  But, maybe I should try it again.  
This weekend, I counted up all the products I have sold on Etsy since January to see which of the girls were most often chosen for either a pillow, a tote, a shaped pillow or an eyeglass case.  The first and not a surprise was Coco Chanel.  I can't seem to keep ahead of the orders for the Coco products.   Manon came in second with Isabella in the third position.  Estelle was awfully close to Isabella but I just did the top 3.  My large pillows were the best sellers with the eyeglass cases in second place.  The totes came in third but at shows and studio sales, the totes fly out faster than all the products.  They simply show better in person than the small pictures online in my Etsy shop.  I love painting them all and I do have the greatest customers who come back time and again to add to their collection.  That thrills me.

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