Don't you just love this Mary as Superwoman?  When I saw this in a window last year in Paris, I was just taken.  So were a lot of other Parisians.  The window in front of this little store in the 6th arrondissement was constantly crowded with onlookers who were enjoying this famous icon dressed as Superwoman.  Apparently this year, this little statue is everywhere.  I just love the red of her cape.  Red is everywhere in Paris.  It's passion.
This is Veronica from my Midlife Madonna series and this particular pillow is a favorite of mine because of the mix of red and pink.  When I came home from Paris last year, I was dying to try the two colors together and I'm so glad that I did.  The blond of her hair just pops and I think red makes you take someone seriously.  It's a standout color.
Yes, that's me taking a picture of the colors in Sonia Rykiel's store window.  It was a gorgeous display of color and brightened up the sidewalks along the St. Germain des Pres on a late Sunday afternoon.  I was on my own in Paris that week and I was just wandering all over the city slowly enjoying all the beautiful sights and colors.  Paris takes my breathe away constantly.  The colors, the designs, the buildings, the people....everything.
This is little Veronica as a shaped pillow that looks so cute poised on your desk or side table.  I gave her a long black feather for her hat and of course, the signature earring.  Every girl needs a little bit of bling.  And, she's in her red suit.  
Here's pink and red together again.  These little purses were in an artisan's shop in the Marais.  The French love little bugs and owls and other cute creatures. The butterfly and the dragonfly are famous icons that are used on all kinds of linens, glassware, etc. in France, especially in Provence.  In Paris, they just add some sparkly gold and silver to the mix and voila ... a new pretty little product.  Ooh la la .... Paris Rouge.

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