Boredom is a funny thing.  It gives you perfectly legitimate reasons for doing something that you might not consider at a more "normal" time.  I love change.  I love to wake up in a different environment which makes me feel that I have taken a little vacation.  A little tough on the family but it keeps them on their toes.

When I was small, my older sister had a bedroom with beautiful red rose wallpaper and when I would sit in her room, I thought that it was the garden of Eden.  I had elephants on my wall.  Need I say more?  

So, one rainy day, I decided to paint roses on my bedroom wall.  Much cheaper than buying wallpaper and trying to hang that... I thought.  And if I didn't like it, I could just repaint... I thought.  And I needed a change... I thought......

So, off I went to gather my paints and some great music and felt sure that this little idea of mine would produce a fairly quick result.  Three days later, I still had two more walls to paint.  I was getting a tad sick of the roses.  But when I stood back from the wall, I liked them.  The tough part was the layout on the wall.  I knew before I started it wasn't going to be a picnic but once I get something into my head....

This picture is a view from my bathroom into the bedroom.  The fireplace mantel is one I got from the Shaw Festival in my hometown.  It was used as a prop in one of the plays and was created with a plaster mold.  Just love it.

This is a view from my bedroom into the bath.  My home was built in 1815 and the ceilings on the second floor are lower.  Makes for a cozy bedroom but was a small adjustment when I moved in as I am 5"10".  

The mirror leaning against the wall was my grandmother's federal mirror that she had hanging in her dining room.  I'm not a big dining room person so I thought that next best place would be the bathroom.  It's great when I light all the candles in front of it for a great soak in the tub.  

I will finish these rooms in the next month or so and then I would like to paint all the floors a creamy white.  That's another of my dreams.  Beautiful colorful rugs on painted floors.  I am not intimidated to change my home to what makes me happy.  I'd hate to live in a home that I have to keep a certain style so that I can sell it.  You see, one good thing about this recession is that not much is selling, so go enjoy the home you want to live in. You can repaint it later.   Everything's coming up roses!

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