Les Deux Magots is one of the most famous cafes in the world and one of "must go" spots in Paris when I go each year.  It is located at 6 place Saint-Germain-des-Pres in the 6th arrondissement.  It is a huge tourist spot in the summer and spring, but I understand that the locals take it back the rest of the year.  The cafe is open from 8h - 02h each day except for the second week of January.  Even they deserve a break once in a while.
This famous cafe was the gathering place for such notables as Jean-Paul Sartre and Hemingway.  It is so easy to see what attracts so many people to this particular cafe.  Most people go early in the morning for their wonderful le petit dejeuner.  I love to go in the late afternoon and have a glass of champagne or two and sit for a minimum of an hour or so and just people watch.  It's a great way to be entertained and rested at the same time.  I especially love to watch the waiters as they rush from one table to the next like a well choreographed dance. 
I sat next to this French gentleman on one of my little rest stops and was totally amused how oblivious he was to the little bird who sat on his table watching him eat his omelette.  The bird was waiting for the man to give him a piece of his baguette and of course, the bird was right ... he did.  Even Paris' fine feathered friends adore Les Deux Magots.  
Several years ago, I designed a pillow series of three Parisian women at different stages of their lives for the wonderful store, French Country, in Toronto.  These three women would meet each Saturday at Les Deux Magots and always their conversations would eventually turn to sharing their experiences in love.  This is Angelique and her views were from young love and the purity of those first experiences.  I based her on Amelie character and she is still a most popular choice for my pillows and totes.
This is Simone,  "a woman of a certain age."   She has been married for many years, the children have left the nest and now, she is at the stage of reclaiming a large part of her life for herself.  Simone is again exploring the things she loved to do before marriage and children.  She feels excited about her life again as she uncovers her passions.  I based her character on a Coco Chanel woman and their sense of style.  The older women in Paris are beautifully attired and groomed.
And finally, this Colette.  She is in the midst of an exciting career opportunity working for one of Paris' top fashion designers.  Relationships to her at this time come second or fill the gaps between the Fall and Spring collections. Fashion has been her dream since she was a young girl and nothing will stand in her way right now.  Of course, her parents are worried she is running out of time to find a nice man to settle down with.  "Later", she says.  "That will come later."

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