There's something about Chanel.  I have read the biography on Coco and was thoroughly enchanted with this amazing woman.  I can't wait until the Coco Movie comes out in May.  Audrey Tautou is the perfect actress to play Coco and looks very much like her.

This is the Chanel shop in Paris.  It was a celebration of Euro Disney highlighting Mickey Mouse.  The Parisians love the Mouse.

This is one of my little Coco pillows.  I love to hang the smaller pillows on pretty little glass knobs around the house.  I have one beautifully positioned on my judie that I have covered in antique pins and pearls and the little Coco pillow is a fun addition to the group.  I find that faces draw people's attention to whatever you want highlighted.

The quote on the back of the pillow is a famous Coco quote:
"Fashion passes...
  Style remains."

My partner bought me a bottle of Chanel No. 5  last week as a surprise.  He knows I love No. 5  perfume and is the only scent I buy now.  What made it twice as nice was the Chanel ribbon that was included.  I thought it was a perfect fit for the small lavender sachets I had made.  

This might be a lovely little surprise for a Chanel fashionista.

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