Zsa Zsa ... A Hollywood Dame

" Hello dahling"

This is Zsa Zsa.
She just looks like a Zsa Zsa.
Anyone with the name Zsa Zsa has to be a party girl.

This lady is cut out of wood
and then painted to make her come alive.
She loves to sit on a bureau drawer
next to her  Chanel perfume.
She's that kind of a gal.
Zsa Zsa loves to wear dangling earrings.
She loves how they move when she
sashays across the room.
Zsa Zsa would be fun on a table in your living room,
or in a book shelf but I like to keep a dame like
this in my boudoir next to all my girlie items.
Zsa Zsa is now up in my Etsy Shop.
You can see her here.

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