Creating A New Paris Girl In Wood

 For the past two weeks, I have gone back to
my Morning Pages to help me get back on track.
They always seem to get me going in a new direction
or even just break the rhythm of my days.

As I have written on my previous posts,
I have been going through boxes in my basement
and finding all kinds of treasures that I had
forgotten about. 

Among those surprises were a group of wooden heads
I had created, had cut but were in need of paint
in order to come alive.

This is my Parisian girl with 
her red beret.
 I spent the first couple of days preparing
the cut out heads by sanding and softening
the edges and then adding several coats
of primer.

I then sketched a face that I thought
might be a good fit with the head.
Then, slowly adding layers of
acrylic paint to hopefully
bring her to life.
 I still have more paint to add to this
young Paris girl but I like to do that in 
stages so that it dries properly.

Then I will add a fun and funky earring
that will give her a little edge.

After all is completed,
she will be sealed with a finish and
ready to have her photo taken for my Etsy shop.
Here's another new lady ready to
be painted and a chance to come alive.

I am having so much fun.

Have a fun weekend as well.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop
See my completed Women in Wood
here, and here, and here.

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