DIY True Art Walls

The walls of your home can be a perfect canvas
for a little imagination and fun.
Wallpaper can be expensive and paint
can be .... a little commonplace
an art wall created by you
can be truly, truly artful.

The one above is one of my favorites
The beautiful flowers could be a decal 
but I think one could do something very similar
to this if you have the ability to paint 
you found some old wallpaper books
and cut out flowers to make your own wall garden.
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The lovely lady overlooking this artful room
looks like just the perfect addition to my home.
It would be fun to have my ladies painted on a wall or three.
Or your favorite poem or letter
to inspire you before you went to dreamland.
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This is cool and might be quite easy...
I love the vignette on the wall.
Courtesy of
This art was done in a powder room.
I visited a home many years ago where the
hostess would have all their guests trace their
hand prints on the foyer wall before they left.  
The guests would then sign their names and may add
a comment or two within their print.  
It was so much fun to see how 
each guest decorated their hand.
What a unique idea!

Be creative.
Have fun with those blank walls in your home.
If you don't like it,
just repaint.
Easy as pie.
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