Rustic Beauty Of A Brick Wall Kitchen

I love kitchens with exposed brick walls.
Actually, I love exposed brick walls just about anywhere.

I remember working on a previous home renovation
and spending two months chipping the plaster off a wall
to expose beautiful the multi-colored bricks.  It was an
incredibly messy and taxing job but the 
results added so much texture and warmth to my home.
My brick wall exposed was similar to the wall above. 
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 And who doesn't love a painted brick wall?
The texture of the brick wall is a perfect backdrop to
the lovely kitchen decor equipment.
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 One has to seal the brick after it has been exposed
to keep the dust at bay, especially in a kitchen.
What makes this wall so unique is the script that
appears above the shelf. 
I wonder what it means?
Gorgeous colors in these bricks.
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This is not a brick wall I know
but stone is just as desirable.
Looks like this beautiful kitchen might be found in Provence.
This cozy kitchen is just beautiful to me....
the brick wall, the rustic center island,
the cloth instead of cabinet doors
and the lovely sconces.
This would be my cottage dream.
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The flowers, the lace, the stone wall ...
be still my heart.
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Next kitchen will definitely have a brick or stone wall.
Whether it is in a little cottage or a loft...
there will be brick.

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