A London Lady Painting

 Meet Vanessa ... a new Priscilla Mae lady who resides in 
the lovely Bloomsbury section of London. Vanessa loves living 
in London but the fashionable residential area of Bloomsbury 
is her favorite. It's where she is writing her latest novel. 
She is trying to follow in the footsteps of other famous 
writers who lived in Bloomsbury, like Virgina Wolfe 
and Charles Dickens. As she sits in the window of her
 classic Victorian home, she day dreams about all the 
wonderful stories of the people who walk 
the streets of this lovely area.
See Vanessa here.

I haven't painted many canvases in the past.
While unpacking boxes from my house move over 3 years ago,
I found a group of new canvases I bought years ago
when I thought it would be fun to try painting
my ladies on canvases.

Maybe it would be fun to collect a wall of ladies,
each with a story.
This is my first. 

Writing in my daily journal has opened up so many
new possibilities for me in the past month.
Yea Morning Pages ...
What would I do without them?

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