The Lovely Homes of Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown in Toronto is a very special neighborhood with some
of the most lovely period homes in the city.  Victorians and beautiful
little cottages and row houses abound throughout this area. 

According to the Cabbagetown Preservation Association, this area
of Toronto is comprised of "the largest continuous area of preserved 
Victorian housing in all of North America.

The name Cabbagetown came from the Irish immigrants who
settled in this area of Toronto in the late 1840's.  They were so poor that
they dug up their front yards and grew cabbage for food as they had
done during the potato famine in Ireland.

In the 1970's, affluent professionals started to gentrify the
neighborhood and today, Cabbagetown is one of the most unique
and beautiful neighborhoods in Toronto.
Last Sunday, Cabbagetown had it's annual Fall Fair and my favorite
activity of this festival are all the wonderful garage sales.
Most all the inhabitants of Cabbagetown have a garage sale
in front of their lovely homes and the merchandise is fabulous
with good prices to boot.
Also occurring in the neighborhood park was a fabulous craft show
with artisans from near and far, but this year, I decided I just wanted
to wander the pretty streets and scan the sale items.  
Not only did we peruse all the garage sale items
but we also meandered through the streets appreciating
the beautiful homes.

This lovely Victorian cottage was set back from the street
protected by the beautiful garden.
The larger brick Victorian row houses watched over
all the garage sale activity. 
Pretty little row houses on a dead end street.
This is an end unit of a group of row houses.
Another pretty little cottage ....
I love looking through the arbors to see the
lovely doors of these special homes.

I did pick up some great, great finds at the
garage sales at the Cabbagetown Fall Fair.
Most of the items are French and Paris related.
Can't wait to show you these treasures in my next post.
New Sculptured hand painted pillow
up in my Etsy Shop.
It's Lola, the Midlife Madonna.

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