Love Letters Straight From The Heart

 There is a special place in our heart for love letters.
A stack of love letters like these are a thing of the past.
With emails and texts so easily sent,
when was the last time you received a handwritten letter?

Do you have a stack of letters in a beautiful
old memory box that sits on the top shelf of your closet?
Or possibly if you are younger,
you might have found the stack of love notes that
your father sent to your mother.
I found one of my mother's first love letters from my dad
and it started with...
"My dearest little lamb."
 When I found this on Pinterest,
I thought it might be a wonderful gift to a child.
Something to leave your son or daughter for those
special times in their lives or when a lovely
note from a parent is just the thing they need
at a difficult time in their life.
 A pretty handmade envelope 
made from beautiful floral papers
might suit a best friend. 
Taking the time to make something 
special for someone who is special
 is so rarely done today.
 I love these lacey paper envelopes
made from paper doilies.
Maybe these would be beautiful for
a wedding invitation?
 And I am absolutely mad about all the 
lovely creations of Hens Teeth Art.
Her beautiful creations would be gorgeous
framed as a keepsake.
And, if you couldn't create an envelope
like the ones above, Martha Stewart Crafts to the
rescue.  It might just start with an outlined
envelope using a ruler and a marker.

Maybe it's time to take a little time
from our usual routine of writing just emails or texts.
With the beginning of a new season and
more time being spent indoors,
let's spend the time to create a
keepsake for the special people in our lives.

Photo Credits: 1-melissabxoxo;  2-media-cache; 3-afabulousfete;
4-welovelaughkiss; 5-hensteethart  6-marthastewart

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