Inspirational Art Walls

 I love Pinterest.
We all love Pinterest.
It's a world of inspiration.
I think it has taken the place of my inspiration boards.
They stay in the studio.  
Pinterest follows me everywhere.

Art Walls are one of my favorite subjects.
I thought I would share a few of my favorite with you.
 They can be one large painting or photo 
or lots of images hung on the wall
or just leaning against a wall.
 Art Walls don't just have to have art.
It might be your favorite collection of platters.
 Or a blow-up of a favorite Picasso work.
Love, love, love this.
 The art can creep over a doorway
and truly be a full art way.
I love this too.
 This wall is fun and colorful.
Fabric swatches that framed and
hung on a hot pink wall.
Of course, I love large portraits
of women that have been handpainted
by someone we never heard of.
I collect women paintings from all kinds of artists.
At one time, they were in my living room
but now they are inspiring me in my studio.

Visit my Art Wall Board on Pinterest.
Priscilla Mae et al

Photo Credits:
1-biskopsgarden, 2-machoturbo.tumblr, 3-dishfunctionaldesign, 4-abrahumjapan.tumblr, 5-thedesignchaser, 6-allthingspreppy.tumblr,, 8-priscillamae.blogspot

Have been working in my studio this weekend
painting fun canvas totes.
Veronica and Manon are still works in progress.

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