Street Art Along Paris Sidewalks

I started my day off today with a call from an old friend
who announced that she was ready to go visit Paris next Spring.
She is planning to do the trip on her own but wanted to know
if I too was counting on another Spring trip to my fav city.

Well, actually, I am and I wanted to spend at least a week on
my own just because I haven't done that in a while.  We
decided each of us would get our own place and meet up
for meals or some fun walks around this beautiful city.
Paris with friends ...
that too is a fun way to go.

I went back through my Paris photos from my Spring
trip just to dream again and I found some photos of wonderful art
posters and street art that you always see when you are
strolling through the streets of Paris.
To enjoy Paris,
you have to 
s...l...o...w     d...o...w...n

I found this poster on the steps you see
in this poster in Montmartre.
What a great day that was....
Such a pretty area and we had one of our best
meals on a quiet street very near these steps.
 All of you who have been to Paris know that many of the
older patisseries have wonderful artistic panels
next to their doors.
 And walking through the 6th arrondissement down
rue Seine, which is the art gallery district,
posters of upcoming exhibitions are in every window.
 Or on a door.
This galerie would have been a great one to visit.
 Some art is politically charged.
That's Paris.
This collection of illustrations was on a door leading to
a courtyard.  I recognize Martin Luther King but
not sure if that is a part of the 
Little Red Riding Hood illustration. 
 Once in a while,
you might get some really good advice.
"Don't be a sheep,
Be Yourself."
In English no less.
Maybe we need that reminder more often.
 And when you leave this gallery,
be sure to close (fermé) the door...
But take a peek at this cool poster.
This was an open book in the window of a funky art book shop
in the 6th arrondissement.
I bet these young ladies would have lots
of interesting play activities.
Tea anyone?

Here's a new Angelique Tote
I finished last night.  
She might be just a great fit with those young ladies
in the above picture.
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