Madly Painting New Eyeglass Cases ....

 The weather gets cooler .... paint brushes come out to play.

For over 2 years, I didn't make any hand painted
eyeglass cases even though they are so popular
with my customers.   Guess I needed a break.
But they are back....

It was fun to pull out some of the patterns I
created and see the "girls" come alive as I 
added some color to the fabric.

They are sewn onto soft felt
that won't scratch your lenses. 
 The vintage buttons need to be added
after the ladies are sewn on the felt
and the very last step, is giving the
girls some bling with rhinestones.
I add a velcro tab inside the case to
keep your specs safely inside.
 On the back of each case is the rear view of the lady
with a fun and often outrageous quote that hopefully
will make you chuckle when you take out your 
glasses to read the menu.
This little Garden Goddess is SOLD.
She is being flown to a big sister for her birthday.
Apparently, the recipient is an avid gardener.
The quote on the back is a nice quote ....
"May all your weeds be wildflowers."

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to see more about the ladies 
of the Eyeglass Cases.


Priscilla Mae et al

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