Red Blanket Of Courage

 We got up early on Sunday morning so we could fit in all
the fun activities that Toronto was offering. First there was
the Flea Market, then the Cabbage Town Fall Fair
and of course for the next week, all the stars
are in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival.
You name them, they are here.
Star frenzy everywhere.

First off to Big Fish for a great breakie in The Junction
and then down the street to the monthly Junction Flea.
There is just something special about a lazy day like a Sunday
and strolling through a flea market.

My favorite vendor is just inside the gate and
I always make a bee line to her stall.
On the wall was hanging 2 sets of flower lights
from ages past.  They were $15.00 each and
NEVER been used.  
"Where could I use them in my house?"
"Do I really need them?"
I strolled off to think about it.....
 Then I headed off to my next favorite stall
that is Shabby Chic central.
This dealer is in antiques and the prices do reflect that.
The white cabinet in the back kept pulling me into the stall.
"Buy me ... I would look great in your foyer."
And it would have fit in my car.
So I eased up to this special piece of wonder,
turned over the tag and saw the price ...
Yikes ..... not today.
 Loved the Ladies Only sign.
I could put that on my studio door.
With all my woman hand painted pillows, etc.
this room is definitely
Ladies Only.
 The Canadian Opera poster was enticing.
 The collection of wonderful leather belts had lots of
women's attention.
And beside that table were large piles of
cashmere sweaters in every color of the rainbow.
 But there it was ....
a beautiful deep red wool blanket with a black stripe.
A Hudson Bay wool blanket in perfect condition
and the price ....
I had to have it.
There is nothing more Fall-like than a real wool
red Hudson Bay blanket.
I couldn't wait to get it home 
and put it at the bottom of my bed.
I put down the deep red oriental carpet,  hung up the fuschia
sari's on the wall behind my bed and a group of
ethnic pillows to continue to warm up my decor
for Autumn.  It's cozy.
Let Fall begin.

Next post about the fabulous garage sales at some
of the prettiest homes in Toronto.  I found some
wonderful treasures and incredible prices.
It was part of the Fall Fair in Cabbage Town.
Stay tuned.

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