Priceless Parisian Garage Sale Find

 I love garage sales ....
I love the thrill of the hunt.
And once in a while,
you actually find something that just takes your breath away.

You know instinctively which house or what seller might just
be "the one" where you will find the items you will love.
The seller at this particular house was a very cool
older woman.  She had obviously loved travel and
all things French and artistic.
She had decided to lighten her life and pass her
memories to buyers that would 
appreciate some of her treasures.
That was me!

This set of French books caught my eye.
I thought I could use the aged papers with French
text in some of my art projects.
I was thrilled when I got all 3 books for $2.00
Little did I know what surprises were inside the book
until I got home.

There on the front page of one of these books was a note to the
recipient from the author of the 3 books.

I ran to Google and found Jules Lévy.
He lived in the late 1800's and was a French writer
and publisher.  He established the Salon of Incoherents,
which was made up of writers, artists, poets and
other reps of Parisian bohemia.

The Salon was organized in opposition to the phrase
"Les Arts Decoratifs".  They felt it was too controlled
by society and left little room for diversity.

This Salon had an exhibition in 1882 in Paris which
featured works of 6 artists who were considered
precursors of Surrealism by 40 years.
The front and back page of each of the 3 books
had a beautiful illustration that were oh so French.
The fun back page.
Another title page of book 2.
And the back page of book 2.
Title page of Book 3.
  And the back page.....

I found some other wonderful treasures from this wonderful
lady and one of her neighbors.  I had to tear myself away or
I would have filled up my home again.

But, the trip inspired me to get back to my studio
and add some French elements to some of my
Parisian women pillows.

A favorite Parisian woman author of mine
is Anais Nin.  So....
 I created a little pillow in honor of her.

Stop by and say "Bonjour "

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