Fall Totes ... Just Add A Little Faux Fur

 I love Fall.
Getting back to the studio is like getting back to the classroom.
You have had a fun summer and
now it is time to get back to work.  A bowl of apples sits
on my painting table for a quick snack ...
and the sunlight falling on my paintings is so different.
So warm and bright.

I have been having fun working on some Fall totes.
This is Clare.
She is hand painted with a bling button earring.
At the top of the tote, is a faux fur trim.
This tote is ready to carry your shoes to work or a party.
 On the back of the Clare tote
is a fun quote for the shoe fashionista.
It is sewn onto the back of the tote.
This is Veronica ... always one of my favorite ladies to paint.
She is based on a client of mine when I was in executive search.
My client's name was Veronica as well and she was a
beautiful Hungarian woman who reminded me
of Zsa Zsa Gabor.
 And on the back of Veronica's tote is
a quote that fits most women I know.
What a perfect gift to give to that friend
of yours that just doesn't like to say "no."
This is the Maya tote.
I put a marigold yellow grosgrain bow on the top of her tote
so that it would match the hand painted Maya.
The painting is sewn on the front of this tote to be
a pocket so you can put your passport inside when you travel.

Maya's quote is on the front of the tote
just to be little different.

Things have been getting busier in my Etsy shop ...
Guess shoppers are doing their holiday shopping a little
earlier this year or maybe  ... it's just Fall.

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