My White Floors Have Arrived

My new white wood flooring has arrived and has been 
acclimatizing in my home so that it can be 
installed tomorrow.  So much wood or so it seems 
for 3 rooms on my first floor.  
Thirty four boxes of beautiful white wood.  
Good bye scarred dark wood floors in my kitchen.
Goodbye white cat hair everywhere you look.
Goodbye dark wood that was installed the 
wrong direction and every time someone
walked into my home would say, 
"Your floors are going the wrong direction."

I haven't been able to sleep at night ... 
I am so excited about FINALLY getting the floor that 
I have dreamed about for sooooooooo long.
I am also scared that maybe, just maybe, 
I won't like it and then what?
We will find out tomorrow when the men arrive 
to install my new white floor.

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