The White Floors ... Almost Finished

My living room's floors are completed.  
The installers left late last night and my ears
stopped ringing from all the noise of hammers 
and saws.  Noisy business ...
Then I grabbed a glass of wine to celebrate 
and began moving my furniture around just to see 
what it might look like in it's new space.
But, I kept the cardboard pads under some 
of the furniture because I didn't want to 
scratch up my new WHITE floors.
The furniture is still all pushed up against a wall 
until the floors are completed but, I can live with that.  
I see white floors.
The kitchen is almost finished and it looks like 
I will have a bunch of boxes left of the wood 
so that I can redo my studio floor.  We will see.

Oh, I am so glad that I did this.  A white floor 
changes the whole feeling of my home.  
The furniture doesn't compete with the
brown floor and the lines of the curvy legs of
 some of the chairs just pop. 
 I love it.

The guys are back this morning hammering 
away in the kitchen.
At the end of today, my new white floors
will be completely installed on the first floor.

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