DIY Anthropologie Style

The first thing you notice when you walk into any Anthropologie Store are the wonderful hits 
of color everywhere.  

And then, your eye lands 
on all the interesting vignettes that highlight 
their new merchandise.  

And then, when
you take the time to look a little closer, 
you notice that most of the props are handmade .... 
things you could make yourself if you had
thought of the idea in the first place.
Like the cacti sitting in pots on top of a bookcase.  
These green beauties are felt constructed into 
soft stuffed rectangles with a little red
felt flower placed on top.  I know cacti are low 
maintenance but these are NO maintenance 
and a pop of color to boot.
Or an old couch covered in a bright throw.
Or a matching chair.
One of my favorite vignettes were the pallets 
hanging on a wall with succulent plants behind 
that would require little watering.  This
could look especially nice 
outside on a terrace wall as well.
This was brilliant I thought.  These are artists' 
canvases turned backwards and covered 
in this case with burlap and inside the frame 
are paintings that fit the opening.  
The outside of the canvas 
could be covered in any fabric or even painted.
What a fun art wall.
I noticed this wall decor from across the store 
but I didn't know what it was.  As I examined it more
closely, I saw that it was strips of corrugated 
cardboard that were rolled into these round 
shapes with dabs of color here and there
to pick up the colors in the space.  
Very textural.  Very cool.
This is an old chair covered with artist canvas glued 
to the seat and back and then painted whatever 
design that you want.  The canvas gives it more 
texture and each chair can be a little masterpiece
and when you want a change, just rip it off 
and paint another.

So much time and money is spent by retailers 
making their stores beautiful and more appealing 
to their customers.  And if you can pull your 
attention away from all the merchandise for
just a minute, you might notice some very 
creative home decor and artistic ideas.  

Then the fun can begin by making 
some of their ideas ....
your very own.

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